Carol Fox

Carol Fox

Trainer, Performance Coach, Speaker, Author B.App.Sci, Grad.Dip.Ed, M.A., Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy, TLT, Matrix Therapies

“A champion is someone who is willing to open themselves up to the possibility that there’s more out there for them.”

As one of Australia’s first professional female lifeguards, a state level swimmer and water polo player Carol Fox, of Life Performance, experienced the mindset of champions firsthand. Her years as a university lecturer confirmed her belief that champions are simply people who’ve found their life’s purpose and who live that purpose with clear focus. Now Carol works with elite athletes and sports teams, business leaders, progressive corporates, and individuals. She shows them simple tools that enhance motivation, productivity communication, and overall happiness in their business and personal lives.

I give people the tools to get out of their own way.”

Much of her work with teams and progressive corporates involves value setting. Carol has worked with the Australian Swimming Team to determine their team values and to develop a behavioural code that supports these values. In 2006, having seen one of Carol’s Australian presentations, UK-based Lawton Group selected Life Performance over their UK competitors for their own values-based program. Feedback from program participants and regular call-backs from conference delegates, workshop attendees and clients endorse Carol’s effectiveness in explaining how to use simple tools for longterm benefit. Participants are entertained, yet they’ll also hear something they can use. Ultimately, Carol teaches acceptance and understanding; not only does that increase a client’s bottom line, it also makes the world a much nicer place to be.

Formal Educational Qualifications:
  • Bachelor of Applied Science
  • Graduate Diploma in Education
  • Masters Degree
  • And is currently studying her PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy
She is an Internationally qualified Practitioner of:
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Time Line Therapy
  • Coaching
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Matrix Therapies
  • Master presenter