National Icon Builds On Successes

A leading Australian icon within their industry, this national company operates in a highly competitive environment. Their sales success is measured twice daily against upper management objectives and while the highs of hitting the target are euphoric, the lows of missing the mark can be morale breaking. Employees work in close-knit groups and need exceptional interpersonal skills to create and maintain good working relationships.

Taking a successful team higher

The teams targeted for the initial Life Performance workshop were no strangers to achievement; they built on continued successes and generally worked well together. Yet, team managers, Elle and Lynley suspected there could be even more out there for them.

They saw their challenges as finding ways to:

  • Take their highly successful team to the next level
  • Motivate a workforce of predominantly twenty-something women
  • Build a team that acknowledges, accepts and embraces differences
  • Create an environment that fosters emotional growth and maturity
  • Inspire loyalty to reduce staff turnover
  • Raise the bar and meet new challenges

So when one of their suppliers ‘raved’ about Carol Fox and Life Performance, they set up a meeting.

Why Life Performance?

Elle and Lynley were impressed with Carol’s enthusiasm and openness. And their supplier’s endorsement was glowing and gave evidence of positive results. Elle and Lynley became excited by the possibilities. Yet their enthusiasm became tempered by scepticism from the company’s upper management.

While our company regularly invites individuals to undertake professional development courses, this was something entirely different. Upper management were understandably cautious. They thought the workshop might focus on personal life and give nothing back to the company.


Despite these concerns, the progressive, open-minded nature of the company prevailed and a team of thirty undertook their first Life Performance workshop.

Two-day workshop brings change

Daylesford provided an ideal out-of-office setting for the two-day, overnight workshop. It meant participants could focus fully on the content – and on bonding with each other. Employees were excited by the opportunity to take their team to the next level of achievement.

For us it was about building a high performance team and setting challenging, yet achievable goals. It was about seeing things in a positive way and looking at our individual strengths and weaknesses and how we could work even more successfully together.

Gavin- – Team Manager

And given upper management’s concerns, how were the organisers feeling?

“We were slightly wary. We wondered if it was going to work; if everyone would get something out of it. Carol dispelled any concerns in the first two hours. We could already see a difference in what people were saying and the way they were acting.”


The workshop included information on different personality types and communication preferences. By seeing the world from another person’s perspective, participants could embrace, rather than fear any differences. They could also identify similarities that would bind the team more closely.

They also began to understand their own stories; those sad and sorry tales of why we ‘can’t’ do something. And they were given tools and strategies to overcome those stories and really reach their full potential – as individuals and as a team. Controlling the personal dramas that they brought to work was also an important outcome for this young group.

Participants learnt how to set goals in a way that maximises their chances of success. They created visual life maps that depicted the possibilities they saw for themselves in the next twelve months.

People took the storyboards back to work and put them up on the walls. They began to realise that there were things they wanted to make happen. A lot of people have ticked off some goals, both personal and professional.


Exciting outcomes

The Daylesford experience brought everyone together. People started to use the personality types immediately and everyone became much happier at work. By understanding their own ‘stories’ they dealt with conflict far more positively. Rather than taking personal offence, they could now step back and ask, “Hey, what’s going on for you at the moment?” Their energy, optimism and motivation also created a friendlier, more positive working atmosphere.

Carol called us on working through lunch. She reminded us that we need to stop, rest and just shoot the breeze. So now we stop at about 12, have lunch and just relate to each other on a more personal level.


In addition to fantastic staff comments, Elle and Lynley saw a shift in the energy. Staff turnover has dropped and they’ve been hitting their targets. In fact, upper management were so happy with the results that the team was able to commit to doing a workshop or similar activity every six months to re-energise, re-focus and re-align.

Regular energy renewals

The six monthly renewal has proved invaluable to maintaining the momentum and to educating new staff members.

It’s about making sure you’ve got the right people in the right seats on the right bus and heading in the right direction.


In particular, the latest session took staff development even deeper.

People had started to take what they’d learnt for granted. The corridor talking re-emerged and there was some negative energy. So this time, Carol came in and kicked our butts. It’s amazing how you can spend a day and a half and pull thirty people together and find you’re back on the same page.


This time, the session focused on how everyone felt about the business, their colleagues and their managers. Carol created a safe environment where participants could say whatever they wanted and the group as a whole could work on solutions.

Since the first workshop, I’ve become a manager. This last workshop was a great opportunity for my team to see how I view the business, different situations and also them. And they could do the same. Where we identified friction, Carol gave us strategies for seeing someone’s else’s point of view. The change in attitude and team atmosphere from understanding different personalities is quite incredible.


“Do it today”

A Life Performance workshop isn’t for every organisation. The concepts and strategies are new to most participants. And while they’re simple to use, it does take a team commitment to maximise the opportunities.

For a lot of people it’s a big jump. My advice to any company is to overcome your initial fears and take the risk in doing such a program for your staff because whatever you think you’ll get back, you’ll get that tenfold. Don’t do it tomorrow. Do it today. It’s the best money that you’d ever spend on your team and your company.


And for this organisation, the journey continues with next tune-up due this coming August.